The fuck! You’re not supposed to “fare well” in prison you asswipe! Oh, are you afraid of all the big bad criminals who are going to beat you within an inch of your life every day for being subhuman? Good! Fear them! In the meantime, you sure as hell better move to the other side of the world and never look at another human being ever again!

In California, a police officer who ejaculated on a woman he’d detained at a traffic stop -and threatened to arrest her if she took action against him- was let off even after admitting what he’d done. Why? Well, the victim was a stripper on her way home from work. In officer David Alex Park’s 2007 trial, Park’s defense attorney argued that the woman “got what she wanted” and that she was “an overtly sexual person”. The jury (composed of one woman and eleven men) found Park not guilty on all counts.
Similarly, a judge in Philadelphia ruled that a sex worker whom multiple men had raped at gunpoint hadn’t been raped at all -she’d just been robbed. The victim, a twenty-year-old woman, who’d worked for an escort service and obtained clients via Craigslist, had agreed to certain sexual acts with the defendant for a set amount of money. But he lured her to an abandoned piece of property and pulled a gun -then more men started showing up. When a fifth man was invited to assault her, he instead helped her get dressed and leave because he saw that she was crying. But municipal judge Teresa Carr Deni insisted that what happened to this woman wasn’t rape -it was “theft of services”.
“I thought rape was a terrible trauma,” Deni told a Philadelphia Daily News columnist. “[A case like this] minimized true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped.”
Women who are “really” raped. You can’t get much clearer than that -a sex worker just doesn’t classify as one of these victims.

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As in, sex workers aren’t human…

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I just can’t today. I don’t want to be human anymore if these people are my company.

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"99.9% of the violence is being perpetrated by men and somehow, men have had the luxury of being able to say, ‘It’s a women’s issue.’ And that’s a deeply mysterious thing, why that is." (x)






"When you dress like that it’s like putting a steak in front of a dog; what do you expect?"
Peanut butter is basically my dog’s favorite thing in the world.
You know why she’s not even touching it?
I said “no.”


"When you dress like that it’s like putting a steak in front of a dog; what do you expect?"

Peanut butter is basically my dog’s favorite thing in the world.

You know why she’s not even touching it?

I said “no.”


Two weeks ago a man in France was arrested for raping his daughter. She’d gone to her school counselor and then the police, but they needed “hard evidence.” So, she videotaped her next assault. Her father was eventually arrested. His attorney explained, “There was a period when he was unemployed and in the middle of a divorce. He insists that these acts did not stretch back further than three or four months. His daughter says longer. But everyone should be very careful in what they say.” Because, really, even despite her seeking help, her testimony, her bravery in setting up a webcam to film her father raping her, you really can’t believe what the girl says, can you?

Everyone “knows” this. Even children.

Three years ago, in fly-on-the-wall fashion of parent drivers everywhere, I listened while a 14-year-old girl in the back seat of my car described how angry she was that her parents had stopped allowing her to walk home alone just because a girl in her neighborhood “claimed she was raped.” When I asked her if there was any reason to think the girl’s story was not true, she said, “Girls lie about rape all the time.”

She didn’t know the person, she just assumed she was lying.

No one says, “You can’t trust women,” but distrust them we do. College students surveyed revealed that they think up to 50% of their female peers lie when they accuse someone of rape, despite wide-scale evidence and multi-country studies that show the incident of false rape reports to be in the 2%-8% range, pretty much the same as false claims for other crimes. As late as 2003, people jokingly (wink, wink) referred to Philadelphia’s sex crimes unit as “the lying bitch unit.” If an 11-year-old girl told an adult that her father took out a Craigslist ad to find someone to beat and rape her while he watched, as recently actually occurred, what do you think the response would be? Would she need to provide a videotape after the fact?

It goes way beyond sexual assault as well. That’s just the most likely and obvious demonstration of “women are born to lie” myths. Women’s credibility is questioned in the workplace, in courts, by law enforcement, indoctors’ offices, and in our political system. People don’t trust women to be bosses, or pilots, or employees. Pakistan’s controversial Hudood Ordinance still requires a female rape victim to procure four male witnesses to her rape or risk prosecution for adultery. In August, a survey of managers in the United States revealed that they overwhelmingly distrust women who request flextime. It’s notable, of course, that women are trusted to be mothers—the largest pool of undervalued, unpaid, economically crucial labor.

Pop culture and art are just the cherry on the top of the icing on a huge cake. The United States is among the most religious of all countries in the industrialized world. So, while some people wring their hands over hip hop, I’m more worried about how men like Rick Santorum and Ken Cuccinelli explain to their daughters why they can’t be priests. I know that there is hip hop that exceeds the bounds of taste and is sodden with misogyny. But, people seem to think that those manifestations of hatred are outside of the mainstream when, in reality, it’s just more of the same set to great beats. Hip hop has nothing on religious misogyny and its political expression.

An entire political party’s “social policy” agenda is being pursued under a rubric that insists women need “permission slips” and “waiting periods.” The recent shutdown? Conservatives holding the country hostage because they want to add anti-abortion “conscience clause” language to legislation. Whose consciences are we talking about? All the morally incompetent and untrustworthy men who need abortions?

It’s no exaggeration to say that distrust of women is the driving force of the “social issuesagenda of the Republican Party. From food stamps and “legitimate rape,” to violence against women and immigration policy. “We need to target the mother. Call it sexist, but that’s the way nature made it,” explained the man who penned Arizona’s immigration law. “Men don’t drop anchor babies, illegal alien mothers do.” I could do this ad infinitum.

See entire piece at Role/Reboot here.

Gentlemen. This is what rape culture is like:

Imagine you have a Rolex watch. Nice fancy Rolex, you bought it because you like the way it looks and you wanted to treat yourself. And then you get beaten and mugged and your Rolex is stolen. So you go to the police. Only, instead of investigating the crime, the police want to know why you were wearing a Rolex instead of a regular watch. Have you ever given a Rolex to anyone else? Is it possible you wanted to be mugged? Why didn’t you wear long sleeves to cover up the Rolex if you didn’t want to be mugged?

And then after that, everywhere you go, there are constant jokes about stealing your Rolex. People you don’t even know whistle at your Rolex and make jokes about cutting your hand off to get it. The media doesn’t help either; it portrays people who wear Rolexes as flamboyant assholes who secretly just want someone to come along and take that Rolex off their hands. When damn, all you wanted was to wear a nice watch without getting harassed for it. When you complain that you are starting to feel unsafe, people laugh you off and say that you are too uptight. Never mind you got violently attacked for the crime of wearing a friggin time piece.

Imagining all that? It sucks, doesn’t it.

Now imagine you could never take the Rolex off.
The Wretched of the Earth: On Rape Culture (via felicefawn)
Rape Culture

I decided to check the tags today. For rape culture. I expected reasoned articles, blog posts, things to think about and maybe reblog. And there were some. A few. Not a lot that I hadn’t already read.

But there was also a lot of bashing. Women hating. Feminism being used as a slur, an insult. As if considering yourself a feminist immediately negates your point of view. Well, guess what? I’m a feminist. I’m not a man hater. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not a victim of sexual violence. I’ve gotten harassed by men, sure, but I’m sad to say, what woman hasn’t? My experiences have been negligible compared to the experiences of others.

But even I know rape culture exists.

It’s not a lie made up by evil women who hate men. It’s not a lie by “feminazis.” It’s reality.

Rape culture is in the way even my mother, progressive as she is, says a certain young female celebrity who dresses provocatively is dressing “slutty.” Rape culture is when there is more concern for males accused of rape than the women who’ve been raped. Rape culture is when it turns out a certain male athlete was convicted of rape and no one gives a damn. He still gets all the endorsements.

Rape culture is what happens when marriage starts as the exchange of female “property” (which it did), and while the definition changed, the reality is still catching up. Rape culture is when a woman gets a promotion, and even it’s not said aloud (though it usually is), both her male and female coworkers wonder and joke about who she had to sleep with to get it. Rape culture is rape being trivialized, it’s rape used as a metaphor for something else (“these prices are raping my wallet,”), it’s rape being the first suggestion made when a woman makes herself known in a male-dominated arena online (hello, online gaming).

Rape culture is women told to be sexy by every advertisement ever, but then being ridiculed and sexually harassed when they are. Rape culture is being constantly harassed for having big boobs and not realizing how fucked up it is until years later because no one else at the time thought it was, even though you were in elementary school. (That one happened to me.) Rape culture is an eleven-year-old girl being gang raped, and the news articles that report it mentioning how she “dressed older” and “hung out with older boys.” Even though an eleven-year-old cannot legally give consent to sex anyway.

Rape culture is every single time a woman is raped and someone gives her the third degree about her behavior/clothes/alcohol level. Rape culture is every single time someone cat calls a woman and then responds with anger when she doesn’t see being singled out and harassed by a stranger as a “compliment.” Rape culture is when a man thinks that if he’s bought a woman drinks, or they’ve gone out on a few dates, she “owes” him sex. Rape culture is when some man hangs on a woman’s every word, never says he likes her, but she still “owes” him sex.

Rape culture is not just the act of rape. It is the culture that normalizes rape. It is the culture that blames victims. That has to have a different definition for “date rape” and “marital rape” because before then, it wasn’t always recognized as rape. (Often, it still isn’t.) You don’t have to be a rapist to be a participant in rape culture. You don’t have to be a rape victim to understand or accept that rape culture exists. And being a participant in rape culture doesn’t automatically mean you’re a terrible person. It means you were raised in this culture. And that is not your fault.

But staying ignorant and getting defensive when rape culture is pointed out, that is all you.